Physician Assistant Boards Podcast: Exam Review | Medicine | PANCE Preparation | - Today I'm going to be answering a question regarding the difference between gastric and duodenal pain and why they occur the way they do. If you would like to ask a question go to the website and submit the question right on the home page!

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Main takeaways:
-Defined as premature seperation of the placenta
-Presents as painful third trimester bleeding
-Order ultrasound, CBC, coagulation factors, and fetal monitoring
-Ultrasound misses up to 75% of diagnoses
-Stabalize the patient

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Category:general -- posted at: 10:49am EDT - Osteoporosis highlights:

-skeletal disease of low bone density
-Risk factors: Secondary amenorrhea, smoking, glucocorticoids
-All women over 65 screened with DEXA
-T score >-2.5 = osteoporosis
-Everyone gets Calcium/Vitamin D
-Frist line treatment is Bisphopshonate therapy

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-Autoimmune disease of unknonw etiology
-Higher incidence of hodgkin lymphoma and oral candidiasis
-Presents with dry eyes, dry mouch, parotid gland enlargment, peripheral neuropathy
-Positive shirmer test and anti ro (SSA) and anti la (SSB) antibodies
-Half with positive RF. Majority with postive ANA
-Treat with artificial tears and lozenges
-Refractory cases treat with pilocarpine or cevimeline

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