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Medgeeks Clinical Review Podcast

Aug 23, 2017

During school, I considered doing an ER residency. I even did an elective rotation at arrowhead regional medical center, as they had a paid fellowship.

There was always something about the ED that caught my eye. But, instead of pursuing emergency medicine, I went down another path.  

That wasn't the case for my buddy Gray; he did go down that path. 

He's been practicing as an ED physician assistant for two years and is loving every minute. Two days out of the week, he also precepts students.

Since starting, he's learned, and done a ton - this means he has a lot of knowledge to share 😎

He's one of two PA's, which will be dishing out a ton of free medical content, every single week 🙌🏽

Today, I want to formally introduce you to Gray Phelps - one of our newest educators.