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Medgeeks Clinical Review Podcast

Apr 23, 2017

Today, we have a question from a soon to be ER physician assistant - don't make this mistake!

Also, I have a new set up which I'm pretty excited about - I'd love to hear your thoughts as I'm always looking to improve :)


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Apr 18, 2017

We are going to cover acute bronchitis in it's entirety: definition, etiology, signs, symptoms, differential diagnosis, imaging, labs, and treatment!

Wonder if we should do a chest xray and/or get a procalcitonin level? We discuss that. We'll also discuss when to give antibiotics (controversial topic).

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Apr 11, 2017

Ever wonder how to speed up the patient visit without diminishing the quality of the visit? Here are my top 4 tips to make this a reality. Faster visits + happier patients = win win.

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Apr 4, 2017

Yea, it's true. I was horrible. But, it's normal ;) If you've ever had these thoughts - then make sure to watch this video!

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