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Medgeeks Clinical Review Podcast

Jul 27, 2019

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Your next patient is a 7 year old boy, brought in by his parents with a chief complaint that simply says, "bite".

You're walking down the hall, to the patient, all the while wondering what kind of bite we're talking about.

As you near the room, you hear the boy crying hysterically. You enter the room and see the mother trying to console the patient, holding a folded up t-shirt to the right side of his face, and there's blood all over the patient's clothes.

The boys father is angrily pacing around the room on his cell phone. 

The mother states they were playing at the park, when a very large dog began growling, and ultimately bit the patient in the face. The dog was wearing a collar, but they didn't see the owner. 

When you examine the face, you see a 3 cm hooked shaped laceration over his cheek and gaping wide open, but doesn't extend all the way to the inside of his mouth. 

As the clinician, how will you bring resolution to the family? How would you manage this patient?

Todays podcast will be all about animal bites! 


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