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Medgeeks Clinical Review Podcast

Aug 4, 2019

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Your next patient is a 21 year old female who was brought in to urgent care by her husband with the chief complaint of fatigue and vomiting.

Before you go in to see the patient, you notice she has no past medical history and her vital signs are normal, aside from a heart rate of 122 BPM.

The patient thought she was coming down with something, because she was feeling very tired and lost her appetite. She developed vomiting this am. They blame the sushi they ate.

During the physical, you notice she looks very ill. She's laying on her side and holding her belly uncomfortably. Her skin looks pale and appears to be dehydrated.

So, you ask for a glucose, and come to find, it's extremely high and reads ">500".

Today, we'll be talking diabetic ketoacidosis. We will also be answering your questions at the end of our show in the Ask Medgeeks segment, which includes LFTs and clean catch urine samples.


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