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Medgeeks Clinical Review Podcast

Oct 21, 2019

A 43 year old male with a past medical history of hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia presents to the emergency department with dizziness that started 14 hours ago.

He complains of nausea and vomiting.

He denies recent trauma, fever, headache, visual disturbance, or weakness. He says he requires the assistance of his wife to walk because he feels unsteady. 

His symptoms are relieved when he sits down at rest, but they never fully resolve. When you speak to him, his symptoms looks a lot like vertigo. 

He tells you that his dad had vertigo and he would lay down and turn his head in different directions. But, you know this could be more serious than a simple case of BPPV.

So, how are you going to approach this patient, to differentiate what's causing his symptoms?

Today, on the Medgeeks podcast, we'll be discussing dizziness! 


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