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Medgeeks Clinical Review Podcast

Jan 17, 2019

As you start your shift, your first patient comes in with a chief complaint of headache.

A 38 year old female comes in with a two day history of headache. She describes 8/10 pain on the left side of her head and is pulsating in quality.

She denies any radiation and states the pain started while she was at work and continued to worsen. She took Motrin with minimal improvement. As soon as she got off work, the patient went home, and locked herself in a dark room - which helped.

She has had headaches in the past, but this was a lot worse, which prompted her visit today.

What is your diagnosis? 

To me, this sounds very much like a migraine....

In today's podcast, we'll touch on:

Today, we'll touch on:

  • Common and Classic Migraines + the difference between the two 
  • Signs and symptoms you don't want to miss aka red flags
  • Dangerous differentials 
  • Who needs imaging?
  • Treating acute migraine in the ED setting


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