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Dont forget to divide the causes into acute or chronic to guide your differential

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How to work up the dreaded pulmonary embolism

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What is it, how do we diagnose it, and how do we treat it?

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Primary, Central, and Subclinical hypothyroidism - what are they and how do we treat them?

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Today we will go over the physiology of the menstrual cycle.  Its easier than you think!

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Lets talk Pneumonia!

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Epigastric pain and what to do about it?

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Here we dive into all the details you need to know about CHF

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In this session, I review a general apprach to the person complaining of chest pain.  Before you can say this patient, has a benign etiology, you must first rule out the dangerous causes of cehst pain.

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In this session of the PA Boads podcast, I take some time to speak about the following hypertensive medications: Beta Blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers, ACE Inhibitors/ARBs, and Diuretics.

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